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WY Consulting Group was founded on the absolute importance of communication and its role in developing strong brands, marketing strategies and leaders. Through our work in marketing and communications it became apparent that not only did teams need support with their marketing strategies, but that in order to deliver effectively on these strategies, internal communication and leadership skills were the #1 factor of success. Our industry experience and knowledge will open the right doors to your next success.  Whether it’s finding the best resources or restructuring the organization, our team is here to fill in the gaps.

Nadeen Borg
Founder, Communications Strategist

Meet Nadeen Borg, CEO and Founder of WY Consulting Group (WY CG), a pioneering boutique communications agency specialized in developing growing brands from the inside out. She believes success comes from building a brand's core strengths, those values setting the foundation for sustainability and business longevity. Nadeen’s journey includes working with Fortune 500 companies, TIME’s Best Companies, and others recognized by Newsweek’s Greatest Companies, tailoring this experience to craft winning strategies, for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across North America, Europe and Australia. Nadeen's mission is simple: use her background to help businesses succeed. Her team works to uncover what makes a brand unique and then help it grow in a way that feels genuine and authentic. Redefining what working in partnership with an agency means, she is adamant in providing flexible services to build successful campaigns, additional revenue streams, and cohesive branding online and offline.

Katrina DeAngelis
Co-Founder, Head of Leadership Development

Katrina is an Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture Fanatic and she believes that a company's success is directly related to the employee culture that it cultivates. Katrina is passionate about driving organizational results through fostering employee and team potential, building courageous leaders. Throughout her work experience, she has seen that this not only increases employee engagement, psychological safety and overall happiness but directly corresponds to a business’s overall success. Katrina spends her time coaching leaders and designing thoughtful content for companies looking to improve their employee experience. You can find her travelling the world, mixing up essential oil blends or seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow. Maximizing employee potential begins with individual wellness. By fostering safety in teams, giving employees the tools to have difficult conversations and supporting resilience, you increase levels of engagement and the overall happiness of employees. Katrina has always had a natural ability to harmonize every situation and decided to develop this passion into a career. Katrina practices and advocates the importance of mindset, communication and curiosity which she infuses into both her own life and her work.

Christina Amp
Head of Development

Christina's background as a graduate of both Marketing & Communications and Front-end Development programs has enabled her to deliver a unique and 360 service to her clients. Christina has expertise in both areas and optimizes the two to deliver specialized business strategies to her clients in order to take their business to next level. Christina has an international scope and she is aware of the unique professional landscapes that exist worldwide and she draws on this knowledge to further enhance her client's business development. She enjoys collaborating with clients to bring their vision to life by drawing on her experience in marketing, front end development and UI. She also volunteers and believes in empowering other female entrepreneurs much like herself to elevate their career.

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